Welcome to the custom mural amd airbrush gallery of Atkari Design. 

I have been airbrushing and hand painting for the last 20 years.
Beyond the usual airbrush artist who is good at custom painting, i’m specialize in airbrush murals and wall murals.
I'm going above and behind what is expected because i love what i do and there is nothing better than seeing someones face after you've just turned their dream into their reality. Through my many experiences I've been able to meet great people, and paint many art work.
I hope to share a few things with you about those experiences through my work, and maybe entice you to explore the possibility in my artwork.

Every mural is hand painted and tailored to the unique subject matter, colors, and style discussed in the discovery session with the client for each custom mural project.

Are you looking to grasp attention with a massive exterior advertising mural? Or perhaps you want to set the mood and atmosphere with an intimate interior mural or faux effect?  I’m provide custom hand painted solutions from faux brickwork to trompe l’oeil '  I’m experienced in both designing and painting custom murals, signs, and faux finishes in a variety of locations and a wide range of sizes. I able to transform your wall, room, or whole building from boring  to fantastic using a variety of  techniques to showcase you or your businesses unique style.  Your project may require a piece of art to be designed from scratch to your requirements or vision.   Whether you have an entirely vague idea or a well-developed design brief, I will work with you to create a mural to fit your needs perfectly.

                                                                     Thank you for your interest in my artwork! 
                                                                                                                                                             Krisztian Atkari

                                        If you are interested in a mural or any custom paint job, give me a call at
                                                                      or email me :  atkari6622@gmail.com
                                                                                  Nagymágocs,  Árpád u. 3.